This most basic feature of Android phone is not available in iPhone, do you know?

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Apple does not provide the basic security features of Android smartphones in iPhone.

Apple iPhone is known worldwide for its premium look and features. Most of the people like to buy it only for its safety features. There are many exciting features available in iPhone which are not found in smartphones of any other brand. You must have heard many things about its special features, but do you know that the iPhone priced under Rs 1 lakh does not have a basic feature which is available in almost all other smartphones.

Everyone wants to buy an iPhone and people make various arrangements to buy it. iPhone is famous for its strong features, that too especially for security features. But you will be surprised to know that iPhone is missing one of the most basic security features which is found in all Android smartphones.

This basic feature is not available in iPhone

The basic feature we are talking about is the Security Pattern feature. Let us tell you that security pattern feature is found in almost all Android smartphones around the world, whether it is the cheapest phone or the most expensive phone. This is a basic feature of locking Android smartphone. But Apple does not provide this basic pattern feature of Android smartphones in any of its iPhones.

Let us tell you that Apple gives users only the option of passcode, fingerprint or Face ID to unlock the lock of their iPhone. iPhone users do not get pattern lock feature. Let us tell you why Apple does not provide pattern lock feature in iPhone.

For this reason this feature is not provided

Actually, according to a research, pattern unlock is much easier to remember than passcode and along with this, pattern lock is also easier to access. If a person sees you creating a pattern even once, he can easily remember it and later use it to access your phone. On the other hand, the passcode can be entered quickly and is also very difficult for someone else to remember immediately.

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