Those who did not know how to ride a bicycle are now flying drones. PM Modi spoke to Bill Gates on the digital revolution taking place in India.

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PM Modi and Microsoft owner Bill Gates

PM Modi – Bill Gates Interaction: PM Modi has met former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates at his residence. In this meeting, PM Modi said many things to Bill Gates on the digital revolution taking place in India. The former CEO of Microsoft has praised the use of technology in the G20 Summit held last year and also asked some questions ranging from the promotion of technology in India to the new technology AI. Come, let us know what big things PM Modi has said to former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates on the digital revolution taking place in India…

Big things on PM Modi’s ‘Digital Revolution’

  • The work of taking technology to the common man is being done in India so that the common man can have confidence in technology. PM Modi said that no one has a monopoly on technology in India. We have democratized it so that it can reach everyone and those who want to contribute can join it and take it forward.
  • We are using technology in health, agriculture and education, so that people living in remote villages can also get facilities like digital education, hospital etc.
  • Talking about NaMo Drone Didi scheme, PM Modi said that we want to empower village women with technology. We are introducing them to modern technology; those who did not know how to ride a bicycle have today become drone pilots.
  • Apart from this, PM Modi talked about the digital CoWIN platform used for vaccination during the Corona period, due to which people were getting information about the nearest vaccine center from booking vaccine slots on their mobiles.
  • Speaking on AI, PM Modi said that it has great importance. In our country mother is also called ‘Aai’. In our country, when a child is born, he says ‘I’ as well as ‘AI’.
  • During the G20 Summit, drivers could download the app on their mobile phones and talk to the guests sitting in the car in any language. AI translator is provided in the G20 app, which translates the language through AI.
  • PM Modi also told Bill Gates about AI conversations from Hindi to Tamil and from Tamil to Hindi during his Kashi-Tamil Sangamam.
  • PM Modi also showed Bill Gates the Photo Booth AI feature in his NaMo app, which has the ability to recognize 20 years old photos through AI. PM Modi said that AI should be used as a magic tool, so that the lives of common people can be made easier. It should not be misused. Especially one should not use it to make oneself lazy.

  • Not only this, PM Modi has also talked about the misuse of AI. On Deepfake, PM Modi said that it should be banned. Any AI generated content should have watermarking that it has been generated by AI, so that people are not misled.

  • Speaking on digital payments, PM Modi said that due to digitization in India, money is transferred directly to the bank accounts of farmers.

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