Tips and Tricks: Google will save toll money, just turn on this setting. How to Save Toll Tax this Google Maps Feature will

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While traveling by car from one city to another, one has to pay toll tax to the government while passing through highways and expressways. Many times, people have to pay at more than one toll plaza while traveling long distances. But if you are troubled by this huge expense of toll tax, then Google has a great feature for you.

You will find this feature of Google in Google Maps, by turning on this feature, Google Maps finds a route for you on which you do not have to pass through the toll plaza. When you do not have to pass through toll plaza, it directly means saving money. Now the question is, where is this secret feature hidden in Google Maps visible and how to turn on this feature?

Google Maps Tips: How to turn on this secret feature

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First of all, you people have to open Google Maps in your smartphone. After opening Google Maps, click on the direction icon visible on the screen. As soon as you click on the direction icon, you will have to enter the start location and destination (name of the place where you want to go).

After entering the start location and destination, you will have to choose how you are going to travel, by car or bike. For example, if you choose the option with the car icon, Google Maps will show you how much time it will take to reach your destination.

If there are tolls on the route you are going to travel, you will see toll written above the preview. But if you want to avoid toll, then for this you will have to click on the three dots visible on the top right side.

Google’s money-saving feature (Google Maps app)

After clicking on the three dots, you will see many options, out of these you have to click on the first option. After clicking on the options, the first option you will see is Avoid Tolls. As soon as you turn on this hidden feature in Google Maps, Google Maps will show you a route where you will not find toll plaza and your money will be saved.

pay attention

To save toll plaza, the distance to reach the destination may be longer. If explained in simple language, the distance will be shorter with toll, on the other hand, if you go through the toll-free route, your journey may be longer, meaning it will take more time.

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