Total Solar Eclipse: Such a solar eclipse is seen only once in a lifetime! Watch live here total solar eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse: Watch the total solar eclipse sitting at home.

Solar Eclipse 2024 Date and Time in India: An exciting event is going to happen in space today. A rare sight will be seen between the Earth and the Sun which comes once in many years. Today i.e. on 8th April the first solar eclipse of the year will take place. This will be a total solar eclipse and during this time the sky becomes dark. Although this sight is not visible everywhere, the solar eclipse is visible only in selected parts of the world. That is why it is said that such a rare solar eclipse appears only once in a lifetime.

When a solar eclipse occurs, the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun. Due to the arrival of the moon, the sunlight is completely or partially blocked. When the Moon completely covers the Sun, its shadow falls on the Earth, forming the “Path of Totality”. This path is a thin strip that runs to the surface.

If the weather is fine and the clouds cooperate, then the people standing inside this band total solar eclipse can see. On the Path of Totality, where the Moon completely covers the Sun, the sky becomes dark, as if it is dawn or dusk.

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Unless people are on that line (Path of Totality) they will see only a partial eclipse. If this happens, the sky will appear darker than before the eclipse. The partiality of the eclipse will depend on how much the Moon blocks the Sun.

Date and time of total solar eclipse

The total solar eclipse of 2024 will occur on April 8. The total solar eclipse will be clearly visible at a distance of 185 kilometers between Mexico, America and Canada. The sky will become completely dark here. It can also be seen in 18 different states of America. However, the solar eclipse will not be visible in India.

According to Indian time, the total solar eclipse will start at 9:12 pm on April 8. The total eclipse will start at 10:08 pm and will continue till 2:22 am on April 9, 2024.

How to watch solar eclipse

The sun is so bright that if you stare at any part of it, no matter how small, it produces enough light to damage your retina cells. Therefore, always use eclipse glasses to view the eclipse. These are special glasses which are specially designed for viewing the eclipse.

If you look directly at the sun without any protection, the retina of your eyes can get burnt. Even permanent damage and blindness can occur.

Watch total solar eclipse online

If you can’t watch the solar eclipse, you can watch NASA’s live stream. The American Space Agency will start its live stream on April 8 at 10:30 pm Indian time. Live streaming will continue till 1:30 pm. Watch this video to watch the solar eclipse live.

You of McDonald Observatory live stream Can also see. Apart from this, it will also be available on skywatching website from 10 pm tonight. live stream It will start.

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