Twitter Update: What will Elon Musk do? Now you will have to pay for comment on X. X User Fees: Elon Musk will charge

Elon Musk will now once again charge money from users

Ever since Elon Musk took charge of the microblogging platform X (earlier Twitter), he has taken many big decisions. As soon as he took command of X, Elon Musk shocked the users and started charging money for Blue Tick. Now once again Elon Musk has announced that the company is preparing to collect money from new X users.

This new decision of Elon Musk will affect new X users and users will have to pay a small fee for liking any post, replying to any post and even bookmarking.

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X New User Fees: Why did Musk take this decision?

It has been learned from the reports that Elon Musk has taken this drastic decision to completely eliminate the problems caused by bots. Elon Musk has given this information while replying to an X account user. It seems that Elon Musk believes that charging fees from users is the only way to avoid the attack of bots.

Musk also said that this rule will apply to new users joining X. After three months of creating a new account, users will be able to post without paying any charge.

Recall that in October last year, Elon Musk had announced to charge $1 annually from new users in the Philippines and New Zealand.

Elon Musk has till now done a lot of cleaning on the microblogging platform This year, between February 26 and March 25, approximately 2 lakh 13 thousand

A lot has changed from Twitter to

It is obvious that ever since Elon Musk has taken Twitter into his hands, many big changes have been seen on this platform. Even its name and logo have been changed. Now the question arises that what will Musk consider as X?

Let us tell you that Musk has already imposed a charge for blue tick verification. And now Twitter users will have to pay a small amount for tweeting, posting, commenting/replying and bookmarking. However, no announcement has been made about when the new rules will start and what will be the exact amount for it.

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