USB Charger can empty your account, know what is Juice Jacking? CERT issued alert

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A little carelessness can cause big harm to you.

Juice Jacking USB Charger: Technology has made our life much easier. As much as we get convenience from smartphones and internet, it also has many dangers. In recent times, many scams and fraud cases related to smartphones and internet have come to light. One such USB Charger Scam is in the headlines these days. Now an alert has been issued by the Central Government agency CERT-IN regarding this.

Let us tell you that in this era of technology, scammers and cyber criminals are adopting new methods to make people victims of fraud. Now scammers have come up with a new way to cheat people through USB Charger Scam. If you want to avoid fraud then you should be aware about it. Scammers can also empty your bank account through juice jacking.

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What is Juice Jacking?

USB Charger Scam is also called Juice Jacking. In this, people are made victims of fraud with the help of charging port. In juice jacking, scammers install hardware containing malware on the charging port and when the general public uses these charging ports for charging, they become victims of the scam.

In fact, it is often seen that when people travel somewhere and the battery on their phone runs out, then people without thinking put their phones on charge at other public places like bus stations, railway stations, hotels etc. Scammers easily take advantage of these needs of the public and commit fraud.

Let us tell you that juice jacking of USB charger scam is a new modern method of hijacking. To carry out such scams, scammers install malware-containing software or hardware on charging ports installed in public places. As soon as someone connects their phone for charging on these charging ports, all their data starts going to the scammers and the person installing the phone does not even know.

CERT-IN said this

Scammers lure users in various ways to become victims of juice jacking. Fast charging is claimed on the charging port, which makes people think that the smartphone will be fully charged within a few minutes. The government’s CERT agency has issued an alert regarding this.

CERT said that if you want to avoid juice jacking, then everyone should think twice before charging their phone in any public place. Use an electrical wall outlet to charge your phone in a public place. According to CERT, if you charge the phone in a public place, then definitely switch it off.

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