WhatsApp AI Bot: Can’t understand doctor’s prescription? WhatsApp will tell you everything. WhatsApp AI Bot Health assistant prescription

Doctor’s prescription is not available, understand? WhatsApp will tell you everything

It often happens that the doctor explains everything to us and we forget everything by the time we reach home. In such a situation, one cannot eat anything or take medicine without doctor’s advice. Not only this, even if you read the doctor’s prescription, you cannot understand its writing. In such a situation one does not understand what to do. But so that this never happens to you, we will tell you how you can understand the doctor’s prescription on WhatsApp and know about the precautions.

You won’t have to do much for this. You will not have to go to any doctor or chemist’s shop to get the prescription. You will know everything sitting at home and will also get doctor’s advice.

This is how you will get help on WhatsApp

If you also want to understand the doctor’s prescription on WhatsApp and want to ask about medicines or want to get advice about what to eat and what not to eat, then follow this process.

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For this you need to enter this number in your smartphone. 8738030604 Have to save. After saving the number, it will start showing in your WhatsApp contacts. After this you can use it. You have to click the photo of your doctor’s slip and WhatsApp on the number mentioned above.

After this, the AI ​​chatbot will read that slip and explain what is written in it in simple language and send it. Not only this, you will also get other information easily on this chatbot. If you follow a diet and are unable to understand what to eat and what not to eat, then this chatbot will help you in this too.

You just have to click a photo of a plate or bowl full of food and send it on this chat. AI doctor will tell you whether you should eat this or not.

Advice will also be available on voice notes

The most important thing about this feature is that not only educated people but also illiterate people (who have never gone to school) will be able to use it. In fact, illiterate people face difficulty in reading and writing. In such a situation, how will this feature be useful to such people? Let us tell you that in this feature you are also getting the option of voice notes. This means that instead of writing, you can also send photo and audio of the matter by recording it.

Now the special thing is that the reply to AI voice note will also come in the voice note itself. After listening to this note, you can take the medicine as per the doctor’s instructions and will also be able to avoid it.

Now you will not have to take the risk of taking wrong medicine or doing anything without doctor’s advice. Now you will be able to do everything on WhatsApp only. Not only this, you will not have to pay any charge for this. You will be given free advice on WhatsApp. By following this you can take advantage of it.

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