While getting AC installed, pay attention to these 5 things, otherwise you will always have to call a mechanic! , Air Conditioner buying and maintenance

This mistake while running AC will prove costly

As soon as summer arrives, everyone starts removing products like AC, refrigerator and cooler from their homes. Using these things also increases the electricity bill. In such a situation, if anything gives maximum relief in summer, it is AC. If you are also thinking of getting AC installed, then keep these 5 things in mind while getting AC installed. Otherwise, it can create huge expenses for you every time.

Because of these, you will have to keep visiting the mechanic every day to get the AC repaired at your house and thousands of rupees will keep coming out of your house. Keep these things in mind so that you do not suffer so much loss.

time to time servicing

Get the AC serviced from time to time. Many people get AC installed but keep ignoring its servicing. If you take care of servicing then you can avoid the problem of AC leakage. AC filters should be cleaned from time to time. The filter is the part that prevents dirt from entering the AC. Therefore the filter should be cleaned from time to time. It should be changed if necessary.

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Problem of gas leakage due to carbon accumulation

Many times carbon accumulates in the AC due to which the problem of gas leakage occurs. When carbon accumulates inside the conditioner pipe, it affects the cooling. If carbon remains accumulated in the conditioner pipe for a long time, holes develop in the pipe and gas starts leaking.

Items kept above or near the AC?

Let us tell you that the indoor unit of AC emits cold air but its outdoor unit emits hot air. If things are kept around it then there is no place for hot air to escape and due to this the problem of leakage starts.

Drainage problem

Many times the drainage system in AC is not proper, due to which coolant problems start occurring. The drainage system removes the water from the AC outside, but if there is any fault in it then the water gets accumulated in the AC itself. Many times, due to this, water starts leaking from the indoor unit also. Due to this reason also there is problem of gas leakage.

AC temperature

Due to the scorching heat, most people run the AC at low temperature, after which when the room cools down, they increase the temperature again. Let us tell you that if you repeatedly increase or decrease the temperature, it puts a load on the AC. Electricity bill also increases. If these problems do not arise with you, then set the AC to standard temperature and leave it. This will cool down the room and the electricity bill will also not be high.

Doors and windows should be closed while the AC is running.

As soon as the AC turns on, close all the windows and doors of the room. If your window or door remains open, the cooling air will go out and the hot air from outside comes in. This puts a load on the AC and your electricity bill may also increase.

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