Why do telecom companies give validity of 28 days instead of 30 days, know the reason

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Most plans of all telecom companies come with a validity of 28 days only.

Nowadays, smartphone has become an essential gadget. It is a major device to stay connected with people and accomplish many other tasks. However, the SIM card installed in it is more important than the smartphone itself. A smartphone without a SIM card is like a box. Jio, Airtel and Vodafone Idea and BSNL are the four major telecom companies in India. To use the phone, we take a recharge plan every month. But have you ever wondered why all the companies give only 28 days validity, what is the reason for this?

Most of the plans of all the companies including Jio and Airtel have a validity of 28 days. Till a few years ago, almost all the companies used to offer 30 days validity in their plans, but now in most of the plans only 28 days validity is offered to the customers. Let us tell you why telecom companies do this.

This is the big reason behind 28 days validity

The reason behind giving validity of 28 days is directly related to the profits of the companies. Actually there are 12 months in a year and some months have 28 days and some months have 31 days. When companies offer 28 days validity, customers have to recharge 13 times in a year instead of 12. If telecom companies start offering full 30 days validity then they will have to suffer losses. To avoid this loss, they provide validity of 28 days, which leaves them with a few extra days.

Most plans have 28 days validity

Let us tell you that questions have been raised many times regarding the validity of 28 days given by the telecom companies. Earlier, companies used to offer 28 days validity to the customers by saying 1 month plan in their plans, after which TRAI had also intervened on this.

Telecom companies were instructed that if you include any plan in the monthly plan category, then you will have to give full validity of 30 days. However, even after this, no major impact was seen. The telecom company does not claim in its 28 days validity plans that it is a monthly plan.

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