Why is India in trouble in the eyes of YouTube? Removed more than 22 lakh videos from India. YouTube removes 22 lakhs videos made in

YouTube removed more than 90 lakh videos from the platform.

Popular video streaming platform YouTube has taken major action across the world and removed more than 90 lakh videos. The biggest impact was seen in India where more than 22.5 lakh videos were removed from YouTube. Google has taken this action against videos that violate YouTube’s community guidelines. These figures are between October and December 2023. The company has given information about removing the video in a blog post.

According to Google’s transparency report, during October and December last year, the maximum number of videos were removed from India among the total 30 countries. After this, Singapore is at second place, where action was taken on 12.4 lakh videos. America is in third place with 7.8 lakh videos. youtube These videos have been removed for violating our community guidelines.

Videos disappear completely

The social media platform said in its post that the policy is implemented through machine learning and human reviewers. If a video is removed due to violation of community guidelines, it will be removed completely. That means you will not be able to watch that video in any part of the world.

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Top 10 countries of videos removed by YouTube (Source- Google Transparency Report)

Iraq is at the last place in the list of 30 countries with 41,176 video removals. According to YouTube’s report, 51.51 percent of the videos were removed only when no one watched them, i.e. they had zero views. The share of videos with 1 to 10 views was 26.43 percent. Apart from this, there were 1.25 percent such videos which got more than 10,000 views.

The sword also started on YouTube channels and comments

The highest number of harmful and dangerous videos have been deleted. This category has 39.2 percent share in the total deleted videos. After this, the share of videos deleted due to non-compliance of child safety was 32.4 percent. Action was taken on 7.5 percent violent and 5.5 percent nude or sexual videos.

Google Transparency ReportMore than 20 million YouTube channels have also been deleted in Q4 2023 due to spam policies, including scams, misleading metadata or thumbnail, video, and comment spam.

Apart from this, more than 1.1 billion comments have also been deleted, most of which were spam. According to YouTube, 99 percent of the comments were automatically deleted.

youtube community guidelines

YouTube has always had a set of community guidelines that state what type of content is and is not allowed on YouTube. This policy applies to all types of content including videos, comments, links and thumbnails on the company’s platform. YouTube’s community guidelines are an important part of the company’s policy.

Action is taken on these things under YouTube’s community guidelines.

  • Spam Content: Fake content and using someone else’s identity etc.
  • Sensitive Content: Child safety, nudity and sexual content, suicide or self-harm and offensive language.
  • Violent and dangerous content: Harassment and cyber bullying, hate speech, violent criminal organizations and violent or graphic content.
  • Goods under government control: Sale of bullets, guns (arms) and illegal goods.
  • Misleading information: Misleading information which also includes giving wrong information about elections and medical.

These Community Guidelines are enforced using a combination of human review and machine learning. The company’s guidelines apply to all creators, regardless of their background, political views, position or affiliation.

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