You can get your iPhone back even after it is stolen! Make these special settings now. apple iphone stolen device protection

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iPhone theft protection: The number of people buying Apple iPhone is increasing significantly. iPhones are quite stylish, and their premium identity becomes a lifestyle symbol. But as the popularity of iPhone is increasing rapidly, incidents of iPhone theft are also becoming more common. Theft of mobile phone is common but theft of iPhone means loss of several thousand rupees and even more than one lakh rupees. Therefore it is very important to protect the iPhone.

If your iPhone is stolen, your data, photos, videos and other important information can be lost. Apart from this, the loss of money is different. iPhone is expensive, hence the loss of its theft is also big. Here we are telling you some methods using which theft took place. iPhone Getting back together may help.

Find your iPhone like this

There are many features available in iPhone which play an important role in keeping it safe. Even if the iPhone is stolen, you can try to find the iPhone through these features.

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When you mark your iPhone as lost, your phone goes into Lost Mode. It locks with a passcode. The payment cards and passes you use with Apple Pay are suspended. To find your iPhone, you can take help from another Apple user.

  • Sign in to
  • Select your iPhone. If Apple can track the location of the iPhone then this location will be zoomed in.
  • Select Mark As Lost and then follow the further steps to leave the phone number and message.

Select the Activate option to lock the iPhone with its existing passcode. If you don’t have a passcode set, you’ll be asked to create one.

iPhone will be available through iCloud – Find My

‘Find My’ feature can be used to find Apple products including iPhone.

  • For this you have to go to, or this Link Click on.
  • Check the location of your iPhone by signing in here. If the location is found then it zooms in, so that the exact location is found.

According to Apple, if your iPhone is stolen or shows up on a map in a location you don’t recognize, don’t try to find it on your own. Instead take help from the local police.

Stolen Device Protection

Stolen Device Protection feature helps keep your iPhone safe after it is stolen. Enabling this feature will make it difficult for thieves as they will not be able to change Face ID, Touch ID or passcode. This feature will be available only on iOS 17.3 and later versions.

If you have another Apple device that’s signed in with your Apple ID or that’s joined by a member of your Family Sharing group, you can use the Find My app to lock your iPhone and locate it. Keep in mind that in case of iPhone theft, first file an FIR with the police and get your SIM switched off.

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