You will be able to make phone calls even when there is no network, the most useful trick for users

Many times we have to face such situations when cellular network is not available. In such situations, WiFi Calling feature can be useful for you. Telecom operators like Reliance Jio, Airtel and Vi are asking their users to use this feature, so that they get the best calling experience and do not have to face problems like call-drop. Let us know how you can use it.

The WiFi calling feature found in Apple iPhone to Android phones allows great calling in areas where proper network is not available. For this this feature is using WiFi connectivity. In this way, if there is WiFi installed in your home or office, then there is no question of the call getting disconnected. You can also use this feature while traveling to a new city.

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Android users should setup like this

First of all you have to check whether your telecom carrier supports WiFi calling feature or not. You can check this by visiting its website or calling customer care. After this you will have to follow the steps given below.

– Go to your phone’s settings and search Calling or WiFi Calling.

– After this, Connections or Network Settings option will be available.

– In some phones, these settings will be found in the settings of the Phone App itself.

– Here the toggle visible in front of WiFi Calling option will have to be turned on.

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iPhone users enable settings like this

– Open the Settings app and then go to Cellular Settings.

– If you are using two SIMs, then after going to Cellular Settings, you will have to select the SIM from which you want to make WiFi calling.

– Tap on WiFi Calling here.

– Enable the toggle visible in front of Wi-Fi Calling on This iPhone option.

After making this change, you will start getting the option to automatically use WiFi connectivity during calling.

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