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New feature of WhatsApp: WhatsApp rolls out some new feature every month or two and discussion starts all around about this feature. As soon as users have complete information about this feature. After a few days, WhatsApp once again rolls out another new feature and people again start gathering information about this feature.

We have brought for you information about such upcoming features of WhatsApp. In which we will tell that WhatsApp is going to bring a new feature related to status. After which, as soon as you change your status, the notification related to the status will reach all the people in your contact list. Let’s know everything about the new status feature of WhatsApp.

More than 200 crore users of WhatsApp

WhatsApp has more than 200 crore users worldwide. Through this platform, these people send videos, audios, photos, documents and messages to each other. Which only takes a moment. Let us tell you that WhatsApp was earlier an instant messaging app, but with the need, many changes came in it and WhatsApp added many great features to it from time to time.

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WhatsApp had earlier introduced this feature for status.

A few days ago, WhatsApp had introduced a new feature for WhatsApp Status, in which users could mention contacts along with adding status. It has only been a few days since this feature was launched. Now the company is going to introduce a new feature related to status for the users.

Everyone will see your status

Till now only those people used to scene, who wanted to scene the status by opening the WhatsApp app and going to the status menu, but after the rollout of this new feature of WhatsApp, all the people in your contact list will be able to scene your status. It will happen as soon as you upload your new status on WhatsApp. Similarly, WhatsApp will send its notification to the mentioned numbers in your contact list.

The information about this upcoming feature of WhatsApp has been given by the popular agency WhatsAppinfo. Right now this feature is in the development phase. The biggest advantage of this feature will be that now no one will be able to ignore your status. By receiving notifications, no one will miss your status. That is, you can say that WhatsApp is now going to bring such a facility for the users by which everyone will have to see your status.

New chat lock feature is coming

Let us tell you that WhatsApp also takes good care of the safety and privacy of its users. The company keeps bringing new privacy features from time to time. Now WhatsApp is going to bring a new privacy feature for its users. With the help of this upcoming feature, you can keep your chat completely private. Actually, till now the company is providing chat lock feature for smartphones but now you can apply chat lock in linked devices also.

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