You will not have to pay for blue tick on X, Elon Musk himself told the way. Elon Musk told the trick for free blue

The deal between Musk and Twitter was finalized, Musk was the first to change its name to X.

Elon Musk: After Twitter was purchased by Elon Musk, there have been many changes in its name and policy. First Elon Musk changed the name of Twitter to X and then started the subscription format for blue and second ticks. Meanwhile, many reports started coming in the media that the revenue of X is decreasing, after which Elon Musk has come up with a new way for the users of X to get the blue tick for free. Through this, Musk wants to bring X’s declining reputation and revenue back to the same point from where he had held it in his hands.

Currently, there are two plans available to get blue tick on X, which are X Premium plan and X Premium Plus plan. For which you have to pay Rs 650 and Rs 1300 monthly. In such a situation, if you follow the instructions given by Elon Musk then he will provide you the Blue Tick facility for free. After which X Blue Tick wearing users will not have to pay even a single rupee.

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Features of X Premium

Users who subscribe to X’s premium plan see 50 percent less ads. Also, they are allowed to post edit posts, longer posts, undo posts and larger videos on X Post. On the other hand, X’s Premium Plus users get slightly more features at a slightly higher price and do not see any ads at all. Apart from this, many customization features are also available in it.

How to get free blue tick on X

Although the Blue Tick service on X is paid, but if you follow the advice given by Elon Musk, you can get the Blue Tick service of X for free. X users who are followed by 2500 verified subscribers will get free X premium subscription. In which users will get many features. You will also get a blue tick. Also, X Blue Tick users get more reach than others.

For X’s Blue Tick service, such users have to pay a monthly fee. In which the price of X Premium plan is Rs 650 monthly and the price of annual plan is Rs 6800. Whereas account holders having Rs 5,000 will get Premium+ free.

Why did Musk change the name of Twitter?

Elon Musk had bought Twitter in a deal worth millions of dollars. Earlier, Musk had alleged many times that Twitter’s bird is not free. If I buy it, I will free the bird. After which, as soon as the deal between Musk and Twitter was finalized, Musk first changed its name to X and showed the way out to all the top level employees of X. At the same time, Musk also implemented subscription model on X to increase revenue. Now it remains to be seen how useful this new strategy of Musk is.

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