Your phone may get damaged during the summer season, do not make these mistakes even by mistake

Smartphones have become an essential part of our lives and we need them from morning to evening. It may sound strange to you, but changing weather also affects smartphones. Summers have started and as the temperature increases, the fear of damage to the phone is also increasing. If the heat exceeds 40 degrees for a long time, the battery and internal components of the phone can get damaged, in such a situation you should change some habits immediately.

Do not leave your phone inside the car or on the dashboard.

Immediately change the habit of keeping the phone on the dashboard of the car because due to continuous sunlight there, the phone can become overheated. Apart from this, the mistake of leaving the phone in the car and staying outside for hours can also damage its processor, display or battery.

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Do not leave it on charging for a long time

Never put your phone on direct charge and always use the official charger or cable. Apart from this, forgetting to put the phone on charging during the summer season can prove to be a big mistake and there have been cases of explosion in case of overcharging.

Do not use or play games when it is hot

If you are using the phone continuously and you feel that it has become hot, then stop using it for some time. Like any other electronic device, heating of the phone is not a good sign and it can prove costly to continue gaming or using it even if it gets hot.

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Do not use thick covers and cases

If you have a habit of keeping a leather flip cover or a thick black case on your phone, then it would be better to change it in summers. When such cases or covers are installed, the phones become hotter and the possibility of damage to them increases even during charging. At least remove such cases or covers while charging.

Do not put too much pressure on the phone

If you have a habit of sleeping by keeping the phone under the pillow or if it is kept in the back pocket in such a way that there can be excessive pressure on it, then its battery will get damaged. If you sit somewhere, take out the phone from your pocket and keep it on the table and also change your habit of sleeping by keeping it under the pillow.

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