Dhananjay Singh’s wife Shrikala will contest elections from BSP? Speculation intensified due to a hashtag.

Speculations intensify about Shrikala Singh contesting elections from BSP.

Shrikala Singh, wife of former MP Dhananjay Singh, has made a post on social media platform X. In this he has written, ‘Let there be political turmoil, our aim is just one Lok Sabha 73 Jaunpur’. In another post, he has also posted a photo of himself standing in front of the statue of Constitution maker Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar. The important thing in this is that he has also written hashtag BSP (#BSP) and hashtag Jaunpur (#Jaunpur).

As the election dates and nomination dates are approaching, many speculations are being made about this post of the former MP’s wife. There is speculation that she may contest the Lok Sabha elections from Jaunpur on BSP ticket. However, till now neither any statement has come from BSP in this regard nor has Srikala mentioned it openly.

Let us tell you that the case related to jailed former MP Dhananjay Singh is to be heard in the High Court on April 24. In the case of kidnapping and extortion, the MP-MLA court had sentenced the former MP to seven years of imprisonment and sent him to jail. Dhananjay got this shock when he was preparing to contest elections from Jaunpur Lok Sabha seat.

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