Elections are going on in the country, know how much cash you can carry with you? , Election Time India How Much Cash You Can Carry

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There is an election atmosphere in the country at present. The first phase of voting is to be held on April 19, while the election results are to be declared on June 4. Due to elections, ‘Code of Conduct’ is in force across the country and the rules related to it apply not only to the leaders but also to the common man. In this, limits have been set for how much cash, jewelery or liquor you can travel with.

To prevent misuse of cash in elections, the Election Commission has set a fixed limit for it. If you have more cash than the limit, it can also be confiscated. At the same time, how much worth gift can you take? The Election Commission has made rules for this also. Let us know…

Limit for carrying cash in elections

During elections, if you have more than Rs 50,000 in cash or gift items worth more than Rs 10,000, then you will have to show proper documentation. If you fail to show supporting documents such as bills or bank statements, your cash can be confiscated.

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If you do business or any such work where the movement of cash is high. Then this cash movement should be done by an official person only. Its complete details should be recorded in the company’s or your books, so that if the authorities investigate you, you will have complete information about it.

Can seized cash be returned?

Now you must be wondering whether the cash is ever recovered after it is confiscated? So the answer is ‘yes’, if during investigation you show proper documents to the authorities and it is confirmed that the cash is not going to be used or related to any candidate or crime, then your details will be taken. Your cash is returned.

The limit of these goods is already fixed

To prevent distribution of liquor during elections, transportation of it is prohibited during elections. Whereas carrying medicines, gift items and liquor worth more than Rs 10,000 is considered illegal.

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