Get ready, Apple will provide 5 lakh jobs in the next 3 years. Apple Jobs In India Will See Three Fold Jump In Next 3

Lots of jobs will come to Apple

iPhone manufacturing company Apple is soon going to provide jobs to lakhs of people in India. The company has planned to rapidly expand its manufacturing within India in the next 3 years, due to which the company is going to increase its work force by 3 times.

Increasing its distance from China, Apple is now working on plans to invest more in India. Not only the vendor companies making iPhones on contract, but also the companies making parts of Apple products and other suppliers will together generate these jobs.

Plan to provide jobs to 5 lakh people

According to a news from ET, Apple and its affiliated companies will provide direct jobs to a total of 5 lakh people in the next 3 years. This is a 3 times increase in the number of employees associated with Apple. Apart from this, many indirect jobs will also be created. Apple is moving more than half of its supply chain from China to India. Besides, it is also increasing the share of Indian suppliers in its production.

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7% of the world’s Apple iPhones are made in India

Currently, 7 percent of all Apple iPhones sold in the world are manufactured in India. Whereas by 2030 its number may increase to 25 percent. Currently, the value addition of Indian suppliers of Apple products is around 11-12 percent, whereas in China this local value addition is 28 percent, which is the highest in the world.

Apple wants to increase its local value addition to 15 to 18 percent in the next 3 years. If we look at it in terms of value, the local value addition in iPhones from India is only 14 percent, whereas in China it is 41 percent. If Apple’s local value addition increases, the price of iPhone in India may also reduce.

iPhone sales have increased very rapidly in India. India’s market share in Apple’s overall revenue is about 6 percent. India’s Tata Group is also soon going to become one of the suppliers of iPhone.

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