Himachal Pradesh Lok Sabha Elections: In 2019, BJP remained dominant in Himachal Pradesh, Congress’s account was not even opened.

How was the result in Himachal Pradesh in 2019 Lok Sabha elections?

The election campaign for the Lok Sabha elections is now gaining momentum. Now only a few days are left for the first phase of voting. Therefore, all the political parties are busy in their election campaigns. Top leaders of all important parties are holding massive rallies. Election winds are blowing in Himachal Pradesh also. Even though there is a Congress government here, voters seem to trust the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) more during the Lok Sabha elections.

The position of Bharatiya Janata Party is considered very strong in Himachal Pradesh. In the last two Lok Sabha elections, BJP’s success rate in this hilly state has been 100 percent. In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, BJP had captured all the four seats of Himachal. Kangra, Mandi, Hamirpur and Shimla Lok Sabha seats come in Himachal in which Shimla seat is reserved for Scheduled Caste.

Congress lost by 3 lakhs on every seat

BJP’s Kishan Kapoor had won from Kangra seat, while Ram Swaroop Sharma had won from Mandi. Anurag Thakur had won the high profile Hamirpur seat of the state. Anurag Thakur is considered a big face of BJP in the state. He is also a minister at the Centre. Suresh Kumar Kashyap was elected MP from Shimla seat.

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At the same time, this state was also not good for Congress. In the 2019 elections, its candidates lost on all four seats by a margin of more than 3.25 lakh votes. Two Congress candidates had to face defeat by a margin of more than 4 lakh votes. Even in the 2014 elections, Congress had to face a crushing defeat on all four seats.

The biggest victory was achieved in Kangra

In the 2019 parliamentary elections, BJP got 69.11% votes while Congress got only 27.30% votes. In comparison to 2014, BJP had got more than 16 percent votes, whereas there was a decline of about 14 percent votes in Congress’s vote sharing. In this election then, the biggest victory in Himachal Pradesh came from Kangra. In Kangra parliamentary seat here, BJP’s Kishan Kapoor defeated the Congress candidate by a margin of 4,77,623 votes.

At the time of the then elections, there was a BJP government in the state. But this time there has been a change of power here before the general elections. Right now Congress is in government here. Sukhwinder Singh is the Chief Minister of Sukhu state, although Congress had suffered a setback in the Rajya Sabha elections held here some time ago, when the existence of the Sukhu government was under threat. However, now there is an election atmosphere here. Now it has to be seen whether BJP once again achieves a clean sweep here or whether Congress is successful in ending its 10-year drought. Even in the 2009 elections, Congress had won only one seat.

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