How did ADR, the organization that tells horoscopes of leaders, come to be? This is how reports are prepared. ADR history when Association for

ADR is an Indian non-governmental organization, which analyzes the affidavits of candidates contesting elections and issues reports.

ADR, the organization that tells the horoscope of candidates contesting elections, is once again in the news. ADR means Association for Democratic Reforms. After the first phase of nomination in the Lok Sabha elections, this organization has released its report. The report says, a total of 1625 candidates are in the fray in the first phase. After nomination, their affidavits have been analyzed. The ADR report mentions everything from millionaire candidates to criminal cases pending against the candidates.

After the release of ADR report, many candidates have come into discussion. With this excuse, let us know how this organization was started, who started it and how the report is prepared.

How did ADR start?

ADR is an Indian non-governmental organization, which analyzes the affidavits of candidates contesting elections and issues reports on them. It was started in 1999 by several professors from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad. It included Trilochan Shastri, Jagdeep S, Sunil Handa, Ajit Ranande, Devnath Tirupati, Brij Kothari, Rajesh Aggarwal, Pankaj Chandra, PR Shukla, Prem Pangotra and Sudarshan Khanna.

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In fact, in 1999, a group of these professors filed a petition in the Delhi High Court. It was said in the petition that the information about criminal records, education and property of the candidates contesting elections should be made public. The court heard.

On the basis of the petition, the Supreme Court in 2003 made it mandatory that all candidates contesting elections will have to mention their criminal, finance and education records in their affidavit. Only after this, ADR started releasing the records of the candidates. ADR analyzed Gujarat Assembly elections 2002 for the first time.

Since then, ADR has been analyzing the Assembly and Lok Sabha elections every year. Run many projects in collaboration with National Election Watch and worked for transparency of elections in the country.

How to make report?

The team of the organization reads the affidavits of all the candidates contesting the elections. Divides it into different parts. Data and information related to many different areas like crime, property, education are recorded in the report. Not only this, even after winning the elections, many special information about the candidates reaching the House is released in the ADR report.

The organization says, transparency is also necessary in the political system of the country. Our goal is to improve governance and strengthen democracy by continuing to work in the area of ​​electoral and political reforms. ADR releases the records of criminals present in the political system through its reports.

More than 870 reports in 22 years

ADR has issued more than 870 reports in the last 22 years. The organization has released the accounts of more than 1 lakh 80 thousand candidates in its report. The special thing is that ADR not only analyzes the candidates but also issues various suggestions on its behalf.

ADR had said that regulation of registration of political parties is necessary to avoid corrupt electoral practices, misuse of money power and money laundering. There is a need to take a decision on those parties which have not been active for 5 years or more or have not participated in any election. This was said because in the year 2016, 255 parties were also removed from the list of registered unrecognized parties. These parties were neither active nor did they exist.ADR said that the income of unrecognized political parties should be investigated, especially those that stay away from elections.

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