‘It is not right to give instructions to the investigating agencies’, know in which case the Election Commission told the opposition? ,

Leader of INDI alliance. (file photo)

The opposition often raises questions on the action of the investigating agencies. Recently, opposition leaders had alleged targeting by agencies during the elections. In this matter, the Election Commission has said that we are committed to providing equal opportunities to parties and candidates and protecting the rights of campaign.

On the allegations of the opposition, the Election Commission said that it has not found it appropriate to take any action in this matter. It is not right to direct legal investigating agencies to take such a step which may overlap the legal judicial process. Actually, many political parties of India had made such allegations.

‘An attempt to silence the opposition during the election season’

He had accused the government of using investigative agencies to target its leaders. The Election Commission was contacted regarding this. Last month, ED had arrested Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in a money laundering case. After this the opposition said that this is an attempt to silence the opposition during the election season.

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‘Government wants to distance the opposition from the public’

Raising questions on Kejriwal’s arrest, Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav had said that BJP is not going to come to power again. Due to this fear, she wants to remove the opposition leaders from the public by any means at the time of elections, arrest is just an excuse.

‘The scared dictator wants to create a dead democracy’

On this arrest, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had said, a scared dictator wants to create a dead democracy. If capturing all the institutions, breaking up the parties, extorting money from companies, freezing the account of the main opposition party was not enough for the demonic power, now arresting the elected Chief Ministers has also become a common thing. INDIA will give a befitting reply to this.

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