My decisions are not to scare or suppress anyone, my decisions are for the country: PM Modi.

PM Modi. (Photo-ANI)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi discussed BJP’s ‘Plan-2047’ for the country in an interview given to news agency ANI. Termed the 2024 elections as a celebration and opportunity for the country. Talked about the ten year tenure of the government. In this, 2 years of Corona period were also mentioned. Along with all this, he also talked about his decisions.

PM Modi’s decisions surprise people… In response to this he said that I have bigger plans. No one needs to be afraid. My decisions are not meant to scare or belittle anyone. These are made for the development of the country. My decisions are for the all-round development of the country.

‘100 years of independence will be completed in 2047, this is an inspiration’

He said, I do not believe that I have done everything. I have tried to work as much as possible. A lot has been done and a lot remains to be done. When the countrymen give the responsibility of running the country then the focus should be only on the country. Earlier political parties used to concentrate their energy on maintaining family and family roots. I am busy strengthening the country.

‘Heard a leader’s speech, he said that he will eradicate poverty in one stroke’

PM Modi said that 100 years of independence will be completed in 2047, this is an inspiration. Everyone should set their own goals for 100 years of independence. 2024 is the year of elections, it is a big festival. It should be celebrated as a festival. On ‘Modi’s guarantee’ he said that every voter is important in elections. The candidate is equally important.

He said, I heard the speech of a leader. He said that he will eradicate poverty from the country in one stroke. In such a situation, I have talked about the guarantee that life may be sacrificed but the promise should not be sacrificed, taking up the great tradition and responsibility. I have taken ownership. People believe what we say. We used to talk about removing Article 370 and it was also removed.

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