Name in the list of star campaigners still left the party, Congress leader Dinesh Aggarwal resigned. former congress

Congress leader and former cabinet minister Dinesh Aggarwal

Voting for the first phase of Lok Sabha elections 2024 is in a few days from now. But even before the elections, like every time, leaders have started jumping from one party to another. Another senior and veteran leader of the Congress Party has left him. Former cabinet minister and senior leader Dinesh Agarwal bid farewell to the party by writing a resignation letter on Saturday. Dinesh Aggarwal leaving the party just a few days before the elections is being seen as a big loss.

After resigning from Congress, discussion has intensified in political circles that he may soon join BJP. He has sent his resignation letter to State Congress President Karan Mahara. It is believed that Dinesh Aggarwal’s name was included in the list of those Congress leaders who closely matched the ideologies of the party. He has been MLA three times. He has also been a cabinet minister in Congress’s ND government and Harish Rawat government.

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Name in the list of 40 star campaigners

It is noteworthy that Congress had released a list of 40 star campaigners for the Lok Sabha elections a few days ago. Dinesh’s name was also included in this list of the party. The inclusion of his name in the list shows that the party was very positive about him. But, some party leaders themselves have expressed surprise at his sudden resignation from the party.

Which party will you join?

It is believed that former Congress leader Dinesh was angry for some time. He had also expressed his disagreement with some appointments made by the party at the district level. After which former state president Pritam Singh himself met and talked to him. It is not yet clear which party Agarwal will join but speculations are being made that he will join BJP. Congress has not yet said anything on his resignation from the party.

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