Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi’s entry into the battle of Rajasthan, why is this tour important? , lok sabha election 2024 rahul gandhi

Priyanka Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi

Political parties are sweating profusely for the campaign of Lok Sabha elections 2024. Meanwhile, Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi have now jumped into the battle of Rajasthan. The Gandhi family has taken the lead to compete with BJP. The party has entered the electoral fray with full strength. Last time BJP had won 25 out of 25 seats in Rajasthan. This time also BJP has given full strength for Mission 25. In the year 1984, Congress had made a clean sweep from here, after which it has not been able to win all the seats.

Rahul Gandhi will campaign in Rajasthan today. Rahul will address two meetings here. Rahul Gandhi’s first meeting will be held in Anupgarh at 11 am. After this, there will be a second public meeting in Phalodi at 3 pm. Through the roar of Rahul Gandhi, Congress is trying to regain its lost support base because Congress had lost power in the Rajasthan elections held last year. Through these two election meetings, Rahul Gandhi will try to woo the voters of Sri Ganganagar, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Barmer and Pali Lok Sabha seats. At the same time we will feel the pulse of the people of Rajasthan.

Ashok Gehlot and Pilot will come together on one platform

After Rahul, Priyanka Gandhi is going to hold a big rally in Jalore on 14th April, the day of Ambedkar Jayanti. Former Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and Congress leader Sachin Pilot will be on the same stage with Priyanka Gandhi. All of them will campaign together for Vaibhav Gehlot, son of Ashok Gehlot, who is contesting from Jalore. By coming together on one stage, Ashok Gehlot and Pilot will try to convey the message that there is no dispute now. We are all together. During the Congress government in Rajasthan, the fight between Gehlot and Pilot came to the public stage many times, which has brought disgrace to the party.

Last time when Ashok Gehlot was the Chief Minister, Vaibhav Gehlot had to face defeat from Jodhpur. Even though Ashok Gehlot had used all his strength, he could not save Vaibhav from defeat. This time he is not the Chief Minister. The power has changed. BJP is talking about winning all the 25 seats of Rajasthan. Now it has to be seen whether Congress party can make Vaibhav Gehlot win from Jalore or not.

PM Modi’s Maha Vijay Sankalp rally will be held in Karauli

Here, BJP is also campaigning vigorously. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address a public meeting today on the occasion of Gangaur at Siddharth City located on Kailadevi Marg in Karauli, Rajasthan. The Prime Minister will address the Vijay Shankhnad rally in support of Indu Devi Jatav, the BJP candidate from Karauli-Dholpur Lok Sabha constituency. State Chief Minister Bhajanlal Sharma and other party workers will be present in the rally along with the PM.

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