Russia stopped Ukraine war due to a call from PM, ex-marines were also freed from Qatar… Rajnath Singh said in Rajasthan.

Rajnath Singh

The country is fully prepared for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Election noise is heard everywhere. BJP is trying hard to come to power for the third time. Starting from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, all the big leaders are campaigning vigorously. This time the party has set a target of crossing 400, to achieve which the party is making full efforts. Under this, Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh reached Bikaner in Rajasthan where he addressed an election meeting.

Attacking the previous government of the state, Rajnath Singh said that there was no law and order in the Congress government. People’s throats were cut after entering the house, people were killed. But the way the present Bhajan Lal government has taken proactive steps regarding law and order is praiseworthy. The Defense Minister said that the first condition for the development of any area is a tight law and order system.

advocating one country one election

Advocating one country one election, Rajnath Singh said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken the initiative. Elections should not be held again and again in the country. For this, the PM had formed a committee whose report has been submitted to the President. He said that the people of the country will also support this, it will save money as well as time. But Congress is opposing it. He said that it is the nature of Congress to oppose everything.

‘India’s prestige increased in the international world’

Apart from this, the Defense Minister also praised the Modi government at the Centre. He said that no one could deny that India’s prestige has increased in the international world. He said that earlier no one took India’s words seriously. But today if India says something on the international platform, the whole world listens to it with open ears. Rajnath Singh said that the world is looking at India with hope and trust. The credit for all these things goes to the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

‘The sentence of nine former soldiers waived off because of PM’

Further, Rajnath Singh said that five Arab countries have honored PM Modi with the highest honour. He said that some former Indian Navy personnel who had gone to Qatar were given death sentence by the court there. During that time, PM Modi called the Head of State of Qatar, after which the nine former soldiers were released and all of them returned to India safely.

‘Russia-Ukraine war stopped due to a call from PM’

Referring to the war between Russia and Ukraine, Rajnath Singh said that when this war started. At that time many children from India were studying in Ukraine. After which the parents of the children appealed to PM Modi to bring them back from Ukraine. In such a situation, the PM without any delay called Russian President Vladimir Putin, Ukrainian President Zelensky as well as US President Joe Biden. After which the war was stopped for four and a half hours and the people of India returned.

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