Shark Tank judge’s company broke records, earned Rs 18,830 crore in 6 days. Shark Tank judge’s company breaks records,

Shares of Shark Tank judge Deepender Goyal’s company Zomato reached a 52-week high.

Who has not heard the name of online food delivery app Zomato? This is the same company whose founder also serves as a judge in Shark Tank India. Yes, his is Deepender Goyal. There has been a rise in the shares of Jocato for the last 6 days. The company’s shares have reached very close to Rs 200 in these 6 days. The special thing is that in 6 days, there is an increase of about Rs 19 thousand crore in the market cap of the company. Let us also tell you at what level the company’s shares reached on Friday and how much increase has been seen in the company’s shares in the last 6 days.

Company’s shares at record level

This morning, Zomato shares have reached a high of 52 weeks. The company’s shares opened sharply in the morning and have reached a 52-week high of Rs 199.75. However, today the company’s shares opened at Rs 196.25. At present, at 3:15 pm, the company’s shares are trading at Rs 191.65 with a decline of 2.62 percent. On April 10, the company’s shares had closed at Rs 196.80.

How much increase in 6 days

There has been a continuous rise in the company’s shares for the last 6 days. According to the data, the company’s shares have seen a rise of about 12 percent. According to the data, on April 3, the company’s share was at Rs 178.40. Which today reached a record high of Rs 199.75. This means that an increase of Rs 21.35 is being seen in the shares of the company.

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Profit of Rs 18,830 crore

Due to this rise, there has been a tremendous increase in the market cap of Zomato. According to the data, Zomato’s share had reached a record level of Rs 199.75 today, while the market cap of the company had reached Rs 1,76,175.17 crore. Whereas on April 3, the market cap of the company was at Rs 1,57,344.94 crore. This means that the market cap of the company has seen an increase of Rs 18,830.23 crore since now.

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