Shivraj’s meeting held due to car battery amid rain in Chhindwara, taunts Rahul Gandhi. shivraj singh chauhan

Tent of Shivraj Singh’s meeting blown up in Chhindwara, power cut.

In the first phase, voting is to be held on six seats including Chhindwara Lok Sabha in Madhya Pradesh on April 19. The leaders have intensified publicity regarding this. In this episode, former Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan reached Chawal Pani of Chhindwara amidst rain on Monday. Here, due to the storm, the tent of the public meeting was destroyed and electricity was also cut. But despite all this, Shivraj Singh Chauhan made alternative arrangements and held a meeting in the verandah of a house. For this, arrangements of mic and loudspeaker were made from the car’s battery.

During this, while addressing the people, former Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan said that after landing in Nagpur and doing programs at different places throughout the day, I have reached Chawal Paani. He told that I was told that it is raining, hail is falling, do not go. But I said, whatever happens, rice and water, I will go and accept it.

whole life in your name

He said that just now our friends were saying that uncle, please give us a minute, we have to welcome him. I said, oh one minute, isn’t the whole life in your name? The former CM said that I salute you, because it rained twice and hailed but it was the Bharatiya Janata Party workers and the people who stood firm with their lives. I salute you with folded hands.

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We come even in the storm: Shivraj

He said that we come even in the storm because this is the Bharatiya Janata Party which loves the people. Addressing the gathering at village Chawalpani under Chhindwara Lok Sabha seat, Chauhan said that on one side there is BJP, on the other side Rahul Gandhi came to Shahdol but due to lack of fuel his helicopter could not take off.

Rahul Gandhi will not fly

If Congress has run out of fuel, then how will there be fuel for Rahul’s helicopter. He said that Congress is not able to fly like Rahul Gandhi’s helicopter. No matter how much Madam Sonia Gandhi pushes him, Rahul Gandhi will not fly.

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