Shock for air travelers during summer vacation, air fare will increase by up to 25 percent! , Shock for air travelers during

This summer, we may see an increase of 20 to 25 percent in air fares.

Air passengers are going to get a big shock this summer vacation. According to aviation industry experts, due to cancellation of Vistara flights and strong demand for air travel, there may be an increase of 20 to 25 percent in air fares. This increase is being seen at a time when summer is at its peak and the airline industry is troubled by the challenges of increasing capacity as per the demand. Even big planes are being used on domestic routes.

Due to this the fare increased

Facing problems with pilots, Vistara has cut 25-30 flights per day or 10 per cent of its total capacity. This issue has come to light at a time when the country’s aviation industry is already operating with a reduced number of aircraft due to the bankruptcy of Go First and grounding of more. Indigo has purchased 70 aircraft due to engine related problems.

According to an analysis by travel portal Ixigo, there has been an increase of up to 39 percent in spot fares on some routes during the period of April 1-7 compared to the period of March 1-7. Meanwhile, one-way fares on Delhi-Bengaluru flights have increased by 39 percent. Whereas the fare for Delhi-Srinagar flights has increased by 30 percent. The fare between Delhi-Mumbai has increased by 12 percent and the fare between Mumbai-Delhi has increased by 8 percent.

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how much increased

Bharat Malik, senior VP of air and hotel business at travel portal Yatra Online, said in a media report that the estimated average airfares are expected to increase between 20-25 percent in the current summer vacation schedule, covering both domestic and international routes. Malik said Vistara’s decision to reduce flights by 10 percent has affected ticket prices on main domestic routes.

We have seen a significant increase in fares, with prices increasing by about 20-25 per cent on main routes like Delhi-Goa, Delhi-Kochi, Delhi-Jammu and Delhi-Srinagar. He also said that one of the main reasons for the high air fares is the reduction in flight operations by Vistara and the increasing cost of fuel as well as the increasing demand for summer vacation travel have also contributed to this increase.

Ixigo said spot fares on some routes have increased by 20-25 per cent due to increased demand ahead of the summer peak travel season and cancellation of some flights. He said that this is a temporary disturbance caused due to flight cancellation at the last time. As soon as the flight schedule becomes normal, the fare should stabilize in a few weeks. According to Bharat Malik, flight prices for popular domestic destinations like Ladakh, Manali and Goa have seen a 20 percent increase.

what kind of airline’s plan

Vistara has a fleet of 70 aircraft which includes 63 aircraft of the A320 family and 7 wide-body Boeing 787. Additionally, the carrier has deployed larger aircraft such as the B787-9 Dreamliner and A321neo on select domestic routes to combine flights or accommodate more customers.

In the current summer schedule, Vistara will operate 25.22 percent more weekly flights at 2,324. Indian airlines will operate a total of 24,275 weekly domestic flights during the summer schedule starting March 31, which is about 6 percent more than the year-ago period.

According to aviation regulator DGCA, the number of weekly departures is only 2.30 per cent more than the 23,732 flights operated by scheduled carriers in the winter program ending March 30. IndiGo, Air India and Vistara will operate more flights while SpiceJet will reduce departures during the 2024 summer program running from March 31 to October 26.

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