The ongoing war between Iran and Israel has increased the shine of gold, will it crash the stock market? , Iran and Israel war increased rate of

The ongoing rise in gold prices is showing no signs of stopping. This is the reason why investors are making good profits from it. When the market opened for the first time today after the start of the war between Iran and Israel, a strong rise in gold prices was seen. If we talk about the returns received so far in 2024, it is more than 15%. That means, in the last three months, gold has given double the returns than FD.

Same is the condition of silver also. It has also made returns of more than 13% in the last three months. Talking about Sensex, it has also given returns of 15-16% in the last three months. Let us understand whether gold still has the potential to generate more returns.

What do experts say?

Experts believe that gold prices are directly related to interest rates. Whenever interest rates rise, gold falls. When the US Fed increased interest rates in 2022 and 2023, a decline in gold prices was seen. However, in recent months the US Fed has become less aggressive and seems ready to cut rates. Due to this, gold prices have increased globally. According to experts, gold prices may remain volatile in the coming months due to market reaction to geopolitical events.

How far can the price of gold go?

A report by DSP Mutual Fund says that this is not the right time to invest in gold. When gold is in a bullish phase, more investors turn to gold. Many investors are already getting ready to buy more gold. However, analysts believe that prices should not get carried away too quickly. Investors who want to increase investment in gold need to understand that it has no underlying basis.

If you already have gold, there is no need to increase investment. You wait for the movement of the market. Then make your move accordingly. However, some experts say that right now gold can touch the figure of Rs 75,000.

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