This Japanese company will give a new direction to its business in India, there will be a revolution in the EV sector. Japanese company

Hiroshi Yoshizen, MD, Bridgestone India

The Indian government is making a lot of efforts to promote the electric vehicle industry. At present, India’s EV sector is growing at the rate of 35% CAGR, which can increase its unit sales to $27.2 million by 2032. Talking about market size, by next year it can increase and cross the figure of 7 billion dollars. At the same time, when we look at its entire scenario through a lens, the attention goes to the Indian automobile sector, which is currently growing at the rate of 7.13% CAGR. Whose market size can reach 217 billion dollars by 2031. As this sector grows, other sectors directly and indirectly related to it will also grow. One of which is tire industry.

Tire industry is growing at this speed

Talking about the growth of tire industry, it is growing at the rate of 8.71% CAGR, whose market cap can go up to 25 billion dollars by 2031. There are some big companies in this sector like MRF, CEAT and Bridgestone, which have established their dominance in the market. These companies always try to expand their business. Bridgestone is a Japanese company, which has been doing business in India for many years. It has recently launched a new tire TURANZA 6i, which is for passenger vehicles. The company says that this tire is also perfect for electric vehicles. It is completely sound proof.

The company says that this tire has been developed specifically for Indian roads, which will provide a premium comfortable ride experience with better fuel efficiency and durability, making it a complete premium offering from Bridgestone. Bridgestone TURANZA 6i is available in 36 SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) ranging from 14 inches to 20 inches. This is for premium vehicles covering SUVs, sedans, hatchbacks and CUVs.

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Make in India initiative has an impact

The launch of this new premium tire for premium vehicles reflects Bridgestone’s commitment towards the Government’s Make in India initiative. With this launch, Bridgestone brings its global ENLITEN technology to India, providing a unique option to meet the growing new needs of the market. TURANZA 6i, with ENLITEN technology, offers premium comfortable riding experience through a smooth and quite comfortable ride, while enhancing fuel efficiency and wear life. This makes the TURANZA 6i the most comfortable seat on the road for discerning users.

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