TMC goons hit me…BJP MP Locket Chatterjee attacked in Bengal. BJP MP Locket Chatterjee alleges TMC

BJP MP Locket Chatterjee

BJP candidate from Hooghly, West Bengal, Locket Chatterjee has accused TMC workers of attack. He has said that TMC goons beat me. My car was attacked. Tried to sit inside it. When I informed the police about this incident, the police did not come to the spot. There is a huge lack of security for the candidates here. TMC is intimidating voters.

Locket Chatterjee said that the audacity of TMC goons is continuously increasing in Bengal. This audacity exposes Trinamool’s mafia hold in Hooghly. Describing the entire incident, Locket Chatterjee said that like every day, after finishing the election campaign at 9:30 pm on Saturday night, I was going towards Bansuria via Adishakti village. There I had received an invitation from a place named Kalitala.

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TMC goons hit me twice

When I was leaving from there after meeting people and offering puja, seeing me some people started carrying black flags and raising slogans of ‘Go Back’. Seeing this the security tried to remove him. I started making videos. During this time a person hit me twice and tried to sit inside the car. My driver pushed him and closed the door.

During this time, when we informed the police, neither the police reached the spot nor the local people came to know about it. The BJP candidate said that Ward No. 22 councilor Ranjit Sardar and others were also present there during the incident. Let us tell you that Locket Chatterjee is the current MP from Hooghly. BJP has given him ticket from here again. In the 2019 elections, he defeated Dr. Ratna Dey of TMC.

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