Will Chennai be able to bring Tesla into its fold? Ahmedabad and Mumbai are in the race. Will Chennai be able to bring Tesla into its

Tesla’s entry in India

Tesla CEO and one of the world’s richest billionaires, Elon Musk, is coming on his first visit to India. During this tour, Elon Musk can announce the setting up of Tesla’s manufacturing unit in India. It is expected that Tesla can invest about Rs 25 thousand crores in the first phase. Many states in the country are eyeing this investment or rather this manufacturing plant. The maximum trend is visible from Tamil Nadu. Gujarat and Maharashtra are also in line. A statement has come from the Tamil Nadu government that it will present itself very aggressively to the American company for Tesla. He will also try to assure that there is no other state better than Tamil Nadu for Tesla. No state in the country has a better EV policy than them.

Will make Tamil Nadu EV capital

When the Tamil Nadu government was asked whether Tesla is on the government’s radar, state Industries Minister TRB Raja said that Tamil Nadu will talk to all global car companies to set up EV manufacturing plants. He said that Tamil Nadu is the automaking center of the country. No other state has a better EV policy and ecosystem than Tamil Nadu. Raja said, Tamil Nadu “is already the automotive capital of the country. Now we are targeting to make the state an EV capital. Manufacturing units of Nissan Motor Company, Renault SA, Hyundai Motor Company and BMW AG are already established in Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu. Apart from this, there are many companies in the state, which are even manufacturing auto parts.

Other states also in the race

Many other states are in the race to approach Tesla. Recently, Maharashtra and Gujarat governments have also asked to give land to Tesla. On the other hand, other states of South India including Karnataka and Telangana are also approaching Tesla. About a week ago, news came that Telangana and Karnataka government ministers were in talks with Tesla officials to set up a manufacturing plant in the state. It remains to be seen where Tesla establishes its manufacturing sector.

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Musk and PM Modi will meet

Elon Musk is visiting India in the third week of the month. He himself has confirmed this and on this occasion he will also meet PM Narendra Modi. The date has not been known yet. It is possible that he will start his India tour on 22nd April. Establishment of Tesla plant in India will create jobs in the country. Due to which the common people will benefit a lot. On the other hand, there is an increase in demand for EV in India also. India also last month cut import duty on EVs and said to get the tax breaks, foreign companies would have to invest at least Rs 4,150 crore ($500 million) and start production of EVs from local plants within three years. Will have to do.

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