Won only twice in 50 years, why have the problems of BJP candidate increased in South Goa? , lok sabha election south goa

BJP candidate from South Goa seat Pallavi Dempo

In the Lok Sabha elections, BJP is fielding each of its candidates very carefully as per the strategy. But till date BJP has been able to capture South Goa seat only twice. Presently Francisco Sir Dinha, Congress leader, holds this seat. But BJP has fielded Pallavi Dempo, wife of South Goa’s biggest industrialist and coal mines-affiliated Srinivas Dempo, to contest him.

Dempo has its own status in South Goa. But it is believed that he does not have a political background. The biggest difficulty is that the seat on which she is contesting has a large number of Konkani Marathi voters. Konkani Marathi is the identity of South Goa but the problem of the Demps is that they do not know Marathi or Konkani Marathi language. In such a situation, a big problem may arise for them.

What has been the history of BJP on this seat?

Party workers are busy campaigning for him day and night. But three months ago, BJP had claimed that local party leader Narendra Sawaikar, Damu Naik or Babu Kewalekar could get the ticket. It is worth noting that BJP, which has been facing defeat on this seat continuously, has taken a big gamble this time and has fielded the wife of an industrialist from South Goa.

opposition attack

Dempo is a brand in South Goa. BJP anticipates that it will benefit from this. But the opposition has alleged that BJP imported other leaders into the party and formed the government. Now in the Lok Sabha, BJP has given a candidate who was not from the party and does not even know the local language.

Goa Forward Party chief Vijay Sir Desai has also taunted BJP by posting on social media X and raised questions on BJP. At the same time, AAP party chief Amit Palekar has accused BJP of fielding its candidates considering the money power of Dempo and talked about sidelining its leaders. If BJP leaders are to be believed, they are raising questions on the India alliance as to why Congress has not been able to decide its candidate yet.

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