Top Ten Ways to Abuse the Mattress in India 2023

Top Ten Ways to Abuse the Mattress

in India 2023 | Mattress On Amazon

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I have met relatives many times, of course in the distance, and witnessed horrific acts of abusing mattresses. I have seen videos on the internet, on TV home video shows or even in the news after someone has been injured because their friends filmed their plane on video as they jumped from the roof. I think it’s a good thing we went from soft and comfortable feathers to hard metal springs rusting. I hate high quality beds to withstand such abuse.

This is the top ten list I have put together to pay homage to their ingenuity who are willing to sacrifice themselves for a little fun. Unfortunately, it is the cushions that really suffer.

Starting at ten.

(10) A trampoline.

Well, we all did this as kids in some way. The real question is, have you ever seen a group of kids jumping on a mattress like a trampoline in their backyard?

(9) Sun shade.

Have you ever felt the smell of cooked sweat and dirt? Yes, even the most beautiful of us can get the mattress dirty. I think I do not need to list the many functions of the human body.

(8) A ride in the winter,

(Or during the summer rains – the mattress used as a slate at any time is incorrect or unreliable). Seriously, you’ll get a plastic slate for $ 5 at the dollar store … or try closing the trash can, it’s free and out there.

(7) Baseball wall.

Throwing baseball on a mattress set against the target wall, no matter how effective, is just the wrong thing to do. Building a hard ball is like flicking back and forth on a standard repetitive nose. Not so sweet, is it?

(6) As a supporter of the gun / crossbow target.

The gun and crossbow do the narrow work of the mattress, pouring its interiors across Jethro’s lawn. Make sure there is no one behind it; Bullets and carbon arrows go straight through even the highest quality mattresses. At least put that poor pastor against a wall and hang him properly.

(5) Used in blade travel.

In fact, find the best one to throw your knives at. You have a serious aggression problem, or you regret the lack of quality in the sack. Try a foam mattress topper or something similar for your killer desires, they are worth less than a mattress.

(4) As a base for a camp fire.

Fire is like fire, yes, I have seen the work of this genius.

(3) Sumo Suite.

Thinking of taking some aggression on your loved one? Pay extra and leave the real one. It’s more fun and more secure. The photos are great too; Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.

(2) As a wrestling mat.

Not that it doesn’t work, but really? The mattress makes a small mat even if you use King Size. You can double up and place both sides side by side, but when you attach your arch opponent to the makeshift platform, the cushions slip and your friend lands on the hard floor. Until we try to retire early from intense wrestling, we are going. Trust me, their profession With pain Short.

(1) A mat to catch you while jumping from the roof of your house for a YouTube video.

I do not think this requires any further explanation. Search and enjoy.

So you have my top ten list of mattress abuse. I’ve seen, at least some of you have seen, all we can do is laugh at the geniuses of backyard activities.

Do you have any other ideas on how to misuse the mattress? You may have noticed some abuses that we do not list. Visit our blog,, and leave your thoughts, ideas and exploits in the comments.

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